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City of Science and Healthcare Innovation Events

Home of ibuprofen and MRI, Boots and BioCity, and one of only six cities in the UK designated as a Science City, these events showcased Nottingham’s scientific achievements and significant healthcare innovations.

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The UK Biobanking Timebomb: Maintaining Strong Public Trust in Medical Research

Biobanks are the organisations that store and share human samples for research, they thereby underpin countless advances in medical science. There are several pressures being placed upon Biobanks which threaten these vital research resources. We wish to address some of the key challenges, such as the reward systems, access to the vital clinical datasets (without which samples are of less use) and how we can build a national strategy for the collection and use of these valuable resources in a way that maintains public trust and support.

E.ON Energise Anything - STEM skills

Come and explore how to inspire school children about science and technology in E.ON’s interactive classroom, a class of Nottingham Primary Schoolchildren and our Energise Anything! session. To support Britain's transition to an 'Internet of Things' and the integration of new sustainable energy technologies into everyday life, we need thousands of new experts with the curiosity and know-how to innovate with new technology. That’s why Nottingham-based E.ON supports a national programme of interactive science and technology classes called Energise Anything!Come and get involved with our exciting education programme.


Health and Life Science Innovation Showcase

Nottingham has a long established history with healthcare innovation - the anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen and the MRI scanner were both developed in the city. Bringing together leading partners in the Health and Life Sciences sector, the city’s latest healthcare and life science developments will be on display, showcasing some of Nottingham’s finest health and life science innovations.

Sir Martyn Poliakoff Ministerial Periodic Table of Videos Live

Leading Professor Martyn Poliakoff and Universities Minister Jo Johnson MP will perform live science experiments in front of the Houses of Parliament (no gunpowder, we promise) as part of the Periodic Table of Videos (PTOV) YouTube series. The unique PTOV channel is one of the most popular chemistry-focused sites on the internet, with over 800,000 subscribers and 136 million views. It is used in schools and universities across the UK and around the world.


Nottingham Science City: Developing STEM Skills for the Future

Nottingham is a city of huge scientific heritage. The development of our future STEM workforce is essential to our growth, especially given the wider context of a UK skills shortage. From school outreach activities to apprenticeships and technical education – to innovations in undergraduate and postgraduate study - this session will showcase how organisations across Nottingham are working together to ensure the future of STEM skills in Nottingham.

Integrating energy storage with generation - Why the key to solving a future UK Energy crisis can be found in our past

The inflexible generation forms (nuclear, conventional wind power and PV) have displaced so much fossil- fired generation that flexibility is now a major issue. Attention is wrongly turning to standalone electricity storage systems. We are ignoring the potential of far more effective approaches that emulate the systems we have operated for over a century – storing energy in a compact form prior to making the electricity on demand.


Citizens, Scientists, Spiders and other species: How a network from Nottingham has influenced the biodiversity of the UK and beyond

Following the publication of the State of Nature Report 2016 this panel discussion will look at the challenges facing Government to ensure the availability of open data to enable decision takers in government, industry and local communities to take better, environmentally friendly decisions. We will discuss why the NBN Atlas will be the biodiversity tool for businesses and citizen scientists and show that taking care of a money spider really does bring health, wealth and happiness.

Exercise The Mind: How lessons from Mental Fitness practice in elite athletes can give UK businesses and policymakers a productivity boost!

A Question and Answer Session chaired by Councillor Jackie Morris, Sheriff of Nottingham, exploring the topics of Mental Health and Mental Fitness in UK businesses. The panel will explore whether it is possible to learn lessons from the world of sport, and if implementing robust psychological wellbeing policies in the workplace really can improve performance and engender a positive organisational culture. Can we encourage a social movement in UK that reduces stigma and promotes proactive approaches to Mental Fitness at government and industry level?


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