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Tuesday 25th October 2016 (11:10-11:50)
For more information, email Dan Meredith (E.ON).

E.ON Energise Anything - STEM skills

About the event

Come and explore how to inspire school children about science and technology in E.ON’s interactive classroom, a class of Nottingham Primary Schoolchildren and our Energise Anything! session.

To support Britain's transition to an 'Internet of Things' and the integration of new sustainable energy technologies into everyday life, we need thousands of new experts with the curiosity and know-how to innovate with new technology. That’s why Nottingham-based E.ON supports a national programme of interactive science and technology classes called Energise Anything! Come and get involved with our exciting education programme.


  • The children and teachers of Morven Park Primary School

Supported by: E.ON UK and Morven Park Primary School

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