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The University of Nottingham’s world class research showcase explored six core challenges for the future. In conjunction with partners including Sat Bains and Rolls Royce, top academics led thought-provoking discussions around cutting edge research into the Future of Food, Energy, Transport Innovation, Sustainable Chemistry, Healthcare Technologies and Justice.

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The Future of Energy:           The Community Energy Revolution

Imagine a world where electricity is cheaper for consumers, energy supply is secure and carbon emissions are reduced. This is the vision of community energy.  Showcasing the latest innovations and adding experiences from energy suppliers Robin Hood Energy and E.ON, sustainable developer Blueprint, and manufacturer Siemens, we will show how empowering communities to generate, store and distribute their own energy can deliver this vision. 

The Future of Sustainable Chemistry: Can chemistry save the world?

Chemistry forms the fabric of every part of our lives and The University of Nottingham’s world-class research is developing sustainable new molecules and materials to provide green solutions to global challenges. Join Nottingham’s Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff, Professor Pete Licence and experts from industry as we explore how these discoveries and industry-relevant skills can answer the demands for new medicines, improved food science, sustainable agriculture, new fuels and greener manufacturing processes. 



The Future of Transport Innovation: "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" - How the Midlands continues to change the way the world moves

The world relies on transport systems to keep it moving and efficient travel is at the heart of a successful economy. In its central location, the Midlands has a proud history of innovations in transport. Across road, rail and air, The University of Nottingham and its industrial partners are making transport quicker, greener, smarter and more cost-effective. With partners Rolls-Royce and the Transport Systems Catapult we showcase the latest innovations and the relationships that underpin their success.

The Future of Food: Nottingham innovations and global food security ... as told through one risotto

Nottingham’s double Michelin-Starred chef Sat Bains will cook and serve a risotto, using ingredients linked to research at the University’s UK and Malaysia campuses. Sat’s risotto will be a delicious entrée into a debate with our academics around food, sustainable crops for the future, energy and how we can address a key challenge of our time – Global Food Security. Join Professor Joanne Hort, Professor Debbie Sparkes and Professor Mark Gillott, MPs and leading food industry figures in sampling Sat’s risotto and finding out how research at Nottingham is shaping the future of food.



The Future of Justice: Making justice real for children

How can we better protect young people and secure their rights? Join former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Keir Starmer MP, leading policymakers, practitioners and academic experts to explore how University of Nottingham research can provide innovative solutions to reducing self-harm among young people in custody, offer digital solutions to the challenge of providing children with information on their legal rights, and improve frontline child protection practice.

The Future of Healthcare Technologies: What is the secret to getting people better, faster?

From Nobel prize-winning MRI to the latest in medical devices, the University of Nottingham is at the cutting edge of healthcare technology. Bringing to market these new innovations can be challenging. In collaboration with the NHS, we will show how Nottingham has pioneered a system to speed up access to new technologies, and a panel of stakeholders will discuss how to best deliver excellence for patients.



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