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Committee Room 2
Tuesday 25th October 2016 (13:15-14:30)

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Valuing and Developing Community Languages: What Role Politicians?

About the event

It is estimated that between 3000 and 5000 Supplementary and Community Language Schools offer extra-curricular mother-tongue language learning opportunities to children across the country. In Nottingham alone, 13 schools address the needs of approximately 1400 children from a range of communities. Whilst this panel will discuss the valuable contribution that these schools make to the lives of children, community cohesion and the national stock of language skills, they will also discuss the many challenges they face and outline the steps politicians and others can take to support their work in the future.


  • David Evans (Managing Director, DHE Solutions)

  • Nia Griffith MP (Chair of All-Party Parliamentary Group for Modern Languages)

  • Pascale Vassie (Executive Director, National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education)

  • Professor Nigel Vincent (British Academy)

Supported by: The University of Nottingham

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