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Committee Room 21
Tuesday 25th October 2016 (13:30-14:30)

For more information, email Pollie Shorthouse (Galleries of Justice Museum).

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Introducing the National Justice Museum

About the event

This interactive session will ask attendees and a group of young people, what could a National Justice Museum do for you?

The debate will explore how a National Justice Museum could inspire children, young people and families to play an active role in society through an improved understanding of the law and justice system. It will explore how people can be inspired by their rights and responsibilities to make positive changes in their lives and make informed decisions about their futures.


  • Mark Spencer MP (Sherwood)
  • Annette Byron (Freshfields)
  • Claire Light (Greater Manchester Police)
  • Tim Desmond (Chief Executive, Galleries of Justice Museum)

Supported by Galleries of Justice Museum

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